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Children's Books


A child's life is filled with wonder, excitement and fun as they develop physically and emotionally through their parenthood, however, it is important to allow them to enjoy the story books that are created specifically for them. These books come in many forms, from traditional picture book format, to coloring books, to hand painted crafts. While each book represents a different genre or age category, they all share one thing- they are meant to teach, entertain and inspire young minds. A new mother should not have too much trouble finding the perfect ones for her growing family. New York has a wide selection of children's books read aloud at many of its leading bookstores including Books-A-Million, Bookrights, and Baskin Robbins Gift Cards.

The author, Kate Chopra, has combined her love of reading and creativity by creating an exciting line of childrens books that combine the two subjects seamlessly. Each of the books in the "Chopra Magic" series have a charming plot and beautifully illustrated children's faces along with an original storyline. In Issue One, titled "The Banality Complex", Kate brings readers along as they find their first meeting with their new baby in a hospital. As the little one grows and the parents begin to adjust to their new bundle of joy, thebanalitycomplex finds itself hiding in plain sight. Following the main storyline, readers discover that the banality complex has something else in store for them as the pregnancy progresses.

The second book in the series, "The Singers of Goodbye", introduces the characters for the third time. It is a retelling of the original story of "The Banality Complex", only this time, it's told through the eyes of two teenage girls who move away from their hometown. While they attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, the girls run into trouble with some University students over the reification of their favorite band, The Banality Choir. The girls use their song lyrics to plead their case to the students. It's an interesting twist on the reification of popular culture icons, and it's a nice way for the authors to weave their magic into the lives of these characters. It also gives the readers a look into what it might be like to live in a multicultural university.

Following the events in "The Singers of Goodbye," the third novel in the series, "Uncle Henry's House," by the fourth author, Upton Sinclair launches his tale into the life of another set of characters. This time, the main character is a young woman from a poor family in the segregated South. Sinclair's writing pulls the reader into the idyllic middle-class family's life as a single mother and as the wife of a wealthy family. It's an appealing tale of how members of a single standard family can come together despite the colour or race of their skin. And it's also just as relevant today as it was fifty years ago.

The stories take a logical turn in the final installment, called "The Uninvited." The story turns away from the characters' South Carolina home for the university of Virginia located in Washington, D.C.. The white-collar professional who had initially hired the narrator, played by Upton Sinclair, arrives at the University to help open a new women's fraternity. A romance involving this man and the narrator develops, but when the man starts spreading rumors about the narrator, things go from bad to worse.

In volume 7 of the University Press of New York series, author Anna Lyn (Stricker) finally gets around to telling her full story, originally intended for publication as a short story for someone else. Her fractured memories, the way they weave themselves into the story's plot, are masterful. "The Uninvited" is a great example of how to bring a complex character from early childhood into the twenty-first century and successfully hold the reader's attention through the end. It's also a fine introduction to the world of university press publishing.  This post: https://www.britannica.com/art/childrens-literature will help you understand the topic even better.

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